Installation Process

All of our Roofline installations are carried out by fully qualified installers with a vast amount of both product and installation experience. We supply and fit only the best quality roofline products and all installations come with a 10 year guarantee.


Upon our arrival we will aim to clear the area we need to work in, this will include the removal of any plant pots, garden furniture and hanging baskets.

Easidecs Scaffolding

We will then errect our specialist scaffolding system – Easidecs. Unlike most roofline companies we supply our own scaffolding system and as such are able to errect and dismantle it ourselves at the start and completion of a project.


Cutting The Felt

We will push up the first row of tiles and cut the existing felt back to the depth of the deepest tear. We always aim to remove all tears from the felt and if their is a tear spanning a long distance we will give advice on possible solutions.

Fascia Removal

Removing the old Fascia board from the building we will then aim to remove all of the old nails from the timberwork to give a clear surface to work onto.


Debris Cleared

All the debris in the soffit and eaves will be cleared e.g. leaves.

Soffit Removal

We safely remove the soffit boards, sweep up all the debris from the removal and clear all the rubbish into our vans. Measuring Up We then take the measurements of the boards and cut them to size. This is done onsite to avoid any mistakes in communication and make sure the job is done correctly the first time around.


Soffit Installation

We carry out the installation of the soffit boards with 40mm poly top ring shanked nails making sure it is level – the soffit boards are joint with a panel joint trim.

Fascia Installation

The Fascia Boards are fitted with 65mm poly top ring shanked nails. When the fascia boards are joint they are cut to land on the end of a rafter for strengthening purposes. The join is covered with a fascia joiner.

Vents & Guttering

We then fit the fascia vent over the fascia board and fit the gutter brackets using a level starting from the highest point with a gentle flow towards the running outlet.

Eaves Guards

Installing the eaves guard sliding underneath existing felt over the top of the fascia and into the gutter is the next action. This gets pinned into the top of the fascia. We then pull down the tiles to cover the felt.

Bird Stop Installation

The bird stop is pinned through the eaves guard and into the top of the fascia board. once fixed into place the tiles are reinstated back into position leaving the bird stop filling the gap under the profile of the tile to stop bird entering your roof space.


Clearing Up

All fascias, soffits and guttering gets cleaned and where the soffit meets brickwork is correctly sealed. Our scaffold is dismantled and site cleared and swept – with all windows and window sills cleaned.

Going The Extra Mile

All garden furniture is moved back to where it was upon our
arrival and we are more than happy to refit any lights, sensors or hanging baskets if required.

For more information feel free to call us on 01252 625 353.