Garden Timbers

Through years of experience in working with Timber on roofing projects Astek have evolved to offer a wide range of external timber working.


Pergolas are a great structure to have in any garden especially with the unpredictable English weather. A Pergola is a wooden structure situated in a garden that provides both a sheltered area but also a great feature. Although normally made from exterior pine we do offer alternative solutions to suit other exterior features.


Decking can add a huge amount of value to any household or commercial property by giving it a great modern look. Decking can come in both hardwood and softwood and can be varnished or finished to get the required look. We are specialist in decking due to our background in carpentry and can provide fully bespoke solutions to suit any requirements.


At Astek we aim to provide excellent accuracy and quality in both supplying and fitting gates to your property, we understand that a gate can drastically improve the appearance of your property and aim to help you decide on the right materials, pattern and design to match your requirements perfectly. We make sure that all our customers are fully satisfied with the design and quality of their new gate, guaranteeing that no problems arise.